Monday, 11 February 2013

the shades of love cake

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I set out to find a sweet treat to celebrate this love-, rose- and chocolate-filled day and came across this gorgeous creation by Ross Sveback. I absolutely love layered cakes and the different shades of pink in this one make it the perfect cake for Valentine’s Day.

The cake itself was very straightforward to make and whilst just a basic vanilla cake, it’s definitely one of the best I’ve tasted! On the other hand, the icing was one of the most complicated and time-consuming frostings I have ever made. There were just so many steps involved and whilst it created a delicious icing, I’m pretty sure there are much simpler recipes that create just about the same thing. And even though I was successful in making it, at the very last moment my icing changed consistency due to the food colouring I added, which then meant I was unable to pipe rosettes all over the cake like initially planned. So instead, I smoothed out the different coloured frostings until they looked like they were gradually blending into each other.

You can find the original recipe for the cake here and the icing here, but if you’re after a bit more guidance, you can find a slightly altered recipe here with more step-to-step instructions. I used the original recipes, but found the latter link super useful when colouring the cake and icing, as well as when assembling the cake.


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