Friday, 23 December 2011

a taste of france

Shades of Chocolat
Doux Réve
Éclair Café
Croissant aux Amandes

Nestled in New Farm is a gorgeous little French patisserie called Chouquette, named after a treat made with choux pastry and sprinkled with pearl sugar. One of my lovely friends recommended Chouquette to me, and after viewing their delectable goodies online I made a date to experience a little bit of French sweetness. Overwhelmed by the variety of fresh breads, stunning gâteaux and scrumptious pastries on offer, I finally settled for the Shades of Chocolat gâteau– a three-layered chocolate mousse on a crispy praline feuilletine base, topped with a mirror glaze, chocolate ribbon and gold leaf. It was amazingly silky smooth, insanely rich and just absolutely delightful. And if that wasn’t enough, stealing mouthfuls of my friends’ purchases convinced me even more of Chouquette’s deliciousness.

So be sure to check out Chouquette and try your very own sweet piece of patisserie heaven!


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