Sunday, 21 October 2012

chocolate and caramel

Whilst I haven’t made many layered cakes in my time, this one is definitely my most favourite. I made this chocolate and caramel cake for a friend’s birthday and it was gobbled up insanely quickly. There are four lovely layers of cake - vanilla, caramel, choc-caramel and chocolate – with caramel sandwiched in between each layer, and a coating of milk and dark chocolate ganache. The cake layers are beautifully moist due to the addition of yoghurt in the mixture, taking the cake to another level. And despite the caramel in between and chocolate ganache coating, the cake isn’t overly sweet which is perfect if you want to have more than just one piece (which you most definitely will want to do!). I got a bit lazy with decorating and decided to keep it simple by using chocolate shavings. Find the recipe here.


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