Thursday, 15 November 2012

the marble, cookie dough and fudge brownie cake

Two layers of vanilla and chocolate marble cake, filled and covered with cookie dough buttercream, then topped with chocolate fudge brownies and chocolate ganache. YUM!

When I first saw this cake, I knew it was something I had to attempt, and what better excuse to make it than for my housemate's belated birthday? Whilst the cake was a little time consuming with its various components, it was relatively simple to make. I found my cake layers quite thin but after spreading buttercream in between the layers and on top, the cake increased in height just enough to keep me happy. If you love cookie dough, you'll love the cookie dough buttercream because it somehow actually tastes just like cookie dough! I used a chocolate ganache to drizzle over the brownies instead of the melted chocolate - I'm sure that both options are equally as delicious. This cake has so much happening, and as a result is a bit of a sweetness overload, so one word of advice: cut a small slice when eating it. And if you're not game enough to bake the whole cake, why not attempt just the brownies? Find the recipe here.


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