Monday, 26 November 2012

flute fine food

Breakfast Complete - chorizo, roasted bacon, potato and feta galette, tomato onion jam, white wine sauce, scrambled eggs and toasted turkish pide.
Breakfast Complete - accompanying chips and aioli.
Flute Signature Breakfast - roasted bacon, potato and feta galette, tomato onion jam, avocado, white wine sauce, poached eggs and toasted turkish pide. 
Iced Mocha with chocolate shot.
Spanish Pilaf Breakfast - chorizo spiced rice, white wine sauce, tortillas and poached eggs.

Ever since seeing a Facebook photo of my family friend’s visit to Flute, going there for breakfast has been on the top of my to-do list since coming back to Brissy. Despite reviews of a never-ending line to get in, we managed to get lucky and were seated relatively quickly. As the food was brought out to us, it looked amazing on the plate, and so did the drinks. However, the large portion size meant that none of us managed to finish off what we ordered and we were all super full by the end of it. Saying that, every single component of our dishes were beyond delicious and I’d definitely do breakfast or brunch here again.


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