Sunday, 7 April 2013

new shanghai

Deep fried chicken with special garlic and chilli sauce.
Pan fried pork dumplings containing broth.
Rainbow beef - deep fried shredded beef tossed with sweet and sour sauce and sesame sauce.
Pork belly braised overnight in sweet soy sauce.
Steamed mini pork buns.

Whenever I visit Brisbane I find myself continuously eating, thus I’m always inadvertently searching for new and exciting restaurants to dine in. New Shanghai, located in Queens Plaza on the mall, is definitely my most favourite new find. Their menu is extensive and packed full of delicious dishes. The dumplings we ordered were by far the best dumplings I have ever eaten, and the rainbow beef stood out as my favourite main dish. Be sure to accompany your meal with the lime chiller drink – both lusciously light and refreshingly flavoursome. Overall, beautiful food, cooked to perfection and served in no time at all.

New Shanghai on Urbanspoon


  1. these dumplings are the best cuz they have soup inside - yummy chineses food!!!

    1. Omg I know...couldn't believe how damn delicious they were!!


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