Tuesday, 3 January 2012

mini baked cheesecakes

Despite being an avid cheesecake lover, I have never actually made my own cheesecake. So in an attempt to rectify this situation, I decided to take baby steps and make something quite simple - mini baked cheesecakes. For this recipe, I tried making twelve individual cheesecakes instead of the ten recommended, thus why my cheesecakes are slightly vertically challenged. So my advice is stick to making ten portions. I also used half the quantity of lemon juice because I wanted a more subtle lemon flavour, so alter the amount according to your own taste preference. Having made these cute little cheesecakes with ease, I’m looking forward to creating a more complicated and flavoured cheesecake in the near future.



  1. omg! these look just so delicious to eat!
    is there a recipe??
    i really have to learn some baking tips from you soon!!

    1. http://www.exclusivelyfood.com.au/2006/10/mini-baked-cheesecakes-recipe.html =)

  2. Excuse me?, are these actually the creations you made and the photo's you took? I stumbled across your blog via Facebook, damn son, if these are true, then my goodness keep up the good work! This blog and the food creations look wayy too professional, I will need some tips on baking but my other cooking skills are much more desired! Its hard when your dad is a chef though .... I always get overshadowed! Bah! ... Keep it up! And keep smiling!

    From Mr Fernando

    1. Thanks for your kind words mister! Some entries are about places I've eaten at, but otherwise it's all stuff I've made =) And yeah, I take the food photos too with my SLR. xx


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