Friday, 27 January 2012

freestyle tout

Vanilla crème brulee with mixed berries, vanilla bean ice cream, nut biscotti, fairy floss and raspberry sorbet.  
Warm flourless chocolate cake with dark chocolate sauce, mixed berries, raspberry sorbet and chocolate sail.
White chocolate raspberry brioche dumplings with mixed berries, vanilla bean ice cream and dark chocolate dipping sauce.
Pumpkin, Danish fetta cheese, pine nuts and rocket pizza with calabrese salami.

After years of planning and then failing to make my way to Freestyle Tout, I finally managed to make a visit earlier these holidays. The dessert menu was what I was mainly craving and as always, I had a lot of trouble settling on just one thing to order. The girls and I were really happy with our chosen dishes – all insanely delicious and really filling. I have a feeling Freestyle dates are going to become a bit more regular now.


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  1. How was the creme brulee? When I went last time, the topping was soft and gross, not hard and toffee-like the way its meant to be. Soft brulee topping means that they leave it standing around too long which in my books is unacceptable for a place that 'specialises' in desserts.

    1. I guess I was lucky - my topping was perfect and I had to tap it to break through it =)


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