Thursday, 16 February 2012

celebrate with chocolate

A perfect combination of rich chocolate mud cake with hints of hazelnut, covered in smooth dark chocolate ganache, decorated with dark chocolate panels and topped with white chocolate shavings and dark chocolate curls. This was the cake I treated my dad to for his birthday last month.

The cake itself was easy enough to make, but the decorating side of things was quite time consuming. I struggled a lot creating the chocolate curls and eventually gave up – there must be some sort of art involved in making them look perfect. I managed to get enough good looking chocolate curls to form a border, and ended up using white chocolate shavings for the rest of the topping. I also found that making extra chocolate panels came in handy because some of the panels I made were either too thin or easily broken. For a final touch, I found some thick white ribbon and simply tied it around the cake.

Overall, an absolutely delicious and visually appealing cake, perfect to treat a loved one on a special occasion. Having attempted this recipe once, I’d definitely make it again.


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  1. Didn't realise you had a blog! The cake looks awesome :)


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