Thursday, 2 February 2012

the nutella trio

This one is for the nutella lovers. Three simple recipes all using nutella - must be nutella heaven, right?

The nutella mug cake (introduced to me by a lovely friend) is the easiest of the three recipes to make and is literally ready in a couple of minutes, which is perfect if you’re looking for a quick fix for a chocolate and/or hazelnut craving. It’s also great on a cold or rainy day because you can eat it straight from the microwave when it’s still warm and gooey (depending on how long you’ve let it cook for). I found the three tablespoons of oil a bit disheartening, but if you do end up making this mug cake, you’ll know it’s worth it. I topped mine with some whipped cream and nutella.

The second recipe is for nutella cheesecake brownies, which as the name suggests, consists of a cheesecake layer on top of a brownie layer. My tip is to make sure the cream cheese is fully softened before you use it, otherwise it may lead to a lumpy cheesecake mixture like mine did. Thankfully that didn’t alter the taste at all. With a rich brownie layer, this treat would be perfect for a summer picnic or barbecue.

And finally, why not replace chocolate chips with your own homemade nutella chips to make some nutella chip cookies? The nutella chips worked out great and the cookie dough tasted delish. I was pretty disappointed though because the cookies didn’t rise at all when cooking and ending up resembling flat pancakes, despite my attempts at correcting the dough mixture. I’d recommend sticking to using baking soda instead of trying to substitute self-raising flour into the recipe like me. So although they weren’t very attractive cookies, they were still really yummy and ideal to accompany a cup of tea.

If you’re attempting all three recipes, you’ll need a 700g jar of nutella. Enjoy!



  1. Those brownies were super moist!!!! And they're not sweet at all which makes it too easy to eat more!! Mmm - will definitely be using this as my go to brownie recipe. I saw the original recipe and I think yours looks better! I like the way the layers come through in yours.

  2. i just tried making the mug cake! i used to make just plain ones... dnt knw why i never tried nutella ones~ cuz this is sooo much better! and it actually feels and tastes more like a cake than my plain ones i used to make before! with these recipes i think im all set to begin my year at uni~ plus i can always steal some cookies from you!


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