Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a date with the bald man

Toffee Choc-Nut Waffle - warm Belgian waffle drizzled with toffee, served with ice cream, caramelised pecans and pure melted chocolate.
Pink Granita Icy Shake (passionfruit and strawberries) and White Shake Icy Shake (lychee and coconut).
Euphoria Banana Split Waffle Sundae - double vanilla ice cream scoops, waffle squares, crunchy waffle balls, gooey toffee and fresh bananas, served with pure melted chocolate and caramelised pecans.
Toffee Apple Crepes - crepes filled with cinnamon apples and toffee, drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with ice cream.
Max's Classic Hot Chocolate with Milk Chocolate.
Tutti-Frutti Waffles - warm Belgian waffles drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with ice cream, fresh strawberries and bananas.

No matter how many times I’ve suffered from a chocolate overdose as a result of visiting Max Brenner, I just keep going back for more. There’s just something about the bald man and his delicious food and drink that prevent me from staying away. Some say I should learn some self-control, but I say pigging out on the chocolatey goodness Max has to offer should be enjoyed frequently.


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  1. the drink sounds delicious!! and the waffles!!
    where is this place?!?!?!

    1. =)


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