Sunday, 8 April 2012

lemon tart

I remember years ago mixing up leftover lemon juice, sugar and some other random ingredients, and then pouring them into cases made of puff pastry in the hope of making my very own mini lemon tarts. They were inedible. So take two, I decided to use a proper recipe and one which used dough that was made from scratch for the shell of the tart. Obviously, it turned out way better than my first attempt. This tart definitely has the right amount of tang, a perfect consistency and a deliciously crumbly base and crust. I used a deeper pan than the recommended 2cm depth in the recipe, which made the tart look thin - so if you have a shallower pan definitely use it! The recipe can be found here.


1 comment:

  1. Amazinngg!!
    I always wanted to make a lemon tard! or lemon cheesecake!
    I'll try out your recipe! Thank you! :D


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