Thursday, 6 December 2012

mint green

From left to right, top to bottom: Rachel Gilbert - Sonya gown, Sant and Abel - polka mint boxer shorts, Lucy in the Sky - Fields of Fresh dress, Tony Bianco - Alite high heels, Colette - Croc Flapover basic clutch, Baublebar - Teardrop Bib necklace, Sabo Skirt - Pearl Tea dress, Mara Hoffman - embroidered triangle bikini, Bariano - Halter gown.

I'm currently obsessed with this colour. Every time I go shopping, I find myself looking to buy pretty much anything that is mint green. These are a couple of my favourite items.



  1. Yay! Me too - absolutely love this colour! I need to buy more mint green things before the colour goes out of season! :)

    1. I bought the LITS dress above and am contemplating some mint jewellery and a mint bikini. Everything is so pretty in mint! =) xx


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